How to recover unsaved word document

Many people are problem How to recover unsaved word document? Microsoft word application get crashed and haven’t saved the Document? or some accidentally deleted or lost word documents. So today we have discus above some methods for recover word document.


  1. How to Recover Unsaved Word Document
  2. Recover from Recent Document
  3. Recover for Manager Version
  4. How to Recover for Temporary File
  5. Search for Autorecovery File
  6. Get Your Delete or Lost Word Document from Recycle Bin
  7. Step on How to Recover a deleted word document

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How to recover unsaved word document

How to Recover Unsaved Word Document

some methods are shown below. so you can use this all methods in your devices to recovers delete or lost your word documents.

1. Recover from Recent Documents

  • open word app and click the file tab.
  • now click to recent.
  • scroll to the bottom of your recent document.
  • then clicks recover the unsaved document.
  • the seven draft open in a new window.
  • now click to save and recover your word file.

2. Recover for Manager Version

  • open the app for you using on your devices.
  • open a new file and existing file.
  • click the file tab.
  • Now click Info.
  • click manage version.
  • Now click Recover unsaved document.
  • You will see the list of unsaved files. now select the file and click to open it.

3. How to Recover for Temporary File

  • Open word document file and click file tab.
  • Now Click Info.
  • Open the manage version the drop list.
  • Click recover unsaved word document. it will pop-up a window which lists all unsaved office files.
  • Select your file and click open bottom.

4. Search for Autorecovery File

  • open word application and open file menu and click options.
  • In the left navigation pane, click save section.
  • you can change the time of automatically save a recoverable copy
  • Now see the option Save AutoRecover information every N minutes and click Ok.

5. Get Your Delete or Lost Word Document from Recycle Bin

  • Open your recycle bin on your devices.
  • on the location, find your word document and right-click on the files.
  • Now click restore to recover deleted word document.

6. Step on How to Recover a deleted word document

  • Select the scenario type you want to recover. You can go to select the option Deleted files Recovery to get started.
  • select the location where your word document file lost.
  • Now you can go to scan the whole computer.
  • the result from quick will show quickly. if you can’t find your results, please use our All-Around Recovery function.
  • After the deep scan, you can preview all recoverable word document files and click recover bottom to save.

Recoveries Word Document Recovery can without difficulty get better unsaved and deleted Word report documents back. But you should store all recovered files on a different region in reason of information loss once more.

This is one of the best ways the Recover deleted or lost word document in this case. We hope has been useful for you. If you have any doubt just let us know on the comment box. Share this with your friend, family and all the relative and also all the TV addict that you know.


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